In keeping with our values of respect, Boundless recognizes the importance of privacy for individuals with whom Boundless does business, such as customers, suppliers and employees. To the extent required by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, the Company is subject to the Company Law, the Regulations on the Administration of Company Registration and the Civil Code. This policy Outlines how Boundless (Shenzhen) Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. collects, uses and manages personal information.

1.1 Personal Information collected without boundaries

Boundless collects personal information as reasonably necessary for its functions and activities. Boundless may hold personal information that includes:

• Name, address and contact details;

• Date of birth;

• Employment and income details;

• Bank account details;

• Details of the products and services that Unbounded provides to individuals;

Detailed information about an individual's transactions with Boundless, including records of phone calls, emails, and online interactions;


1.2 Ways to collect personal information without boundaries

Boundless collects personal information directly from individuals where it is reasonable and practicable. Boundless may also collect such information from other sources, including:

• Other entities that provide services to Unbounded in connection with the products and services that Unbounded provides to individuals;

• publicly available sources of information;

• Personal representation (e.g. spouse, professional advisor);


1.3 How does Unbounded use Personal Information and to whom does it disclose it

Boundless collects, uses, and discloses personal information generally in order to provide requested products and services to individuals and to respond to queries. Boundless may also use personal information to make individuals aware of other products and services or products that Boundless offers jointly with its business partners or partners. Boundless may not be able to do these things without personal information. Boundless may also collect, use, and disclose personal information related to potential or actual illegal activities, misconduct, or transfers of Boundless's business or assets.

Boundless understands the importance of keeping personal information private and only discloses such information to third parties in limited circumstances. Third parties with which Boundless typically exchanges information include:

Credit providers and credit reporting agencies;

• Personal representation;

• Boundless professional advisors including legal, accounting, auditing and business consultants;


• Governments and regulators;


Boundless also exchanges personal information with contractors who manage services provided to individuals or provide services to Boundless on behalf of Boundless, including:

• Mailing service;

• Billing and debt recovery functions;

• Customer injury services;

• Marketing functions;

• Website, data management and technical services.

The parties to whom Unbounded disclosure of personal information may be located in China or other countries. As described below, when you visit our website, web traffic information is disclosed to Aliyun Analytics, which stores this information in multiple countries.


1.4 Website Usage information and cookies

When you use our Website, Boundless collects certain standard information that is sent to our website through your browser. This includes technical information such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, language, time zone Settings, access time, and any reference website addresses. We also use Aliyun Analytics to collect information about your interactions with our website. For more information about how Aliyun collects and processes data and your privacy choices regarding Aliyun, Please refer to the ali cloud's privacy policy and information l


Boundless uses this information to manage our website and internal operations, including for troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistical, and survey purposes. Boundless also collects certain information in order to provide users with a personalized experience when they visit our website.

By using Cookies, Boundless can record information about your visit to our website, including clickstreams from our website (including date and time), pages visited, page interaction information, and browsing methods used to leave the page. This information will be aggregated and used anonymously and will be collected and recorded for statistical purposes. By analyzing these records, Boundless is able to provide an improved service when users return to our website.

A cookie is a small data file that a website may write to your hard drive when you visit it. Cookies can contain information (such as a user ID) that websites can use to track the pages you have visited and your preferences.

The only personal information that a cookie can contain is information provided by you personally. Cookies cannot read data from your hard drive, nor can they read cookie files created by other websites.

Boundless uses cookies to track user traffic patterns and provide better service to users when they visit websites. Users can set their browsers to provide notifications when they receive cookies, as well as the opportunity to accept or reject cookies. Users can also reject all cookies by turning off the feature in their browser, although this may affect your browsing experience.


1.5 Credit related personal information

Boundless sometimes offers products and services to customers on a credit basis. In connection with this credit, Boundless does, in some cases, process certain of the following personal information related to a consumer's credit (credit-related Personal Information), including information from credit reporting agencies (CRBS). For example, Boundless may process this information when extending credit to a self-employed person or when an individual, such as a director, provides a personal guarantee for credit Boundless provides to his or her company.

Boundless may collect and store any type of personal information related to a person's credit that is permitted under the Privacy Act, including:

Name, sex, date of birth, driver's license number, employer and three recent addresses;

• Confirm previous requests for information about the individual made to the CRB by other credit providers and credit insurers;

• Details of previous credit applications, including the amount and type of credit and credit limits;

• Details of current and previous credit facilities, including credit providers, start/end dates, and certain terms and conditions;

• Information about allowable payment defaults, including information about relevant payment arrangements and subsequent repayments;

• Information about serious credit violations, such as fraud;

• Information on adverse court decisions and insolvency;

• Public information about an individual's creditworthiness;

Any credit score or credit risk assessment indicating the CRB or credit provider's analysis of an individual's eligibility for consumer credit.


This information may include information about the individual's arrangements with other credit providers and Boundless.

Boundless may disclose credit-related personal information to the CRB to assist the CRB in maintaining personal information to be provided to other credit providers for credit evaluation purposes. Boundless may collect credit-related personal information from the CRB for purposes including evaluating related credit or security applications, administering and reviewing credit or security, transferring debts, collecting late payments, and evaluating and rating related credit or security to the extent permitted by law. Personal credit standing. Boundless may also exchange credit-related personal information with guarantors, debt purchasers, and other credit providers.

Potential CRBS used by Boundless include:

Organizer: State Administration for Market Regulation

Address: No.8 Sanlihe East Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100820

Record number: Beijing ICP No. 18022388-2

Tel: 010-88650267 010-88650265


Under the Privacy Act, an individual may request that the CRB not:

Use credit-related personal information to determine their eligibility to receive direct marketing from credit providers;

Use or disclose their credit information if they have been or may be a victim of fraud.

Please refer to the other sections of this Privacy Policy for more information about access to, correction of, complaints about, disclosure of personal information (including to other countries) and how we collect and hold personal information. This Privacy Policy is not intended to limit or exclude Boundless's obligations under privacy law with respect to credit-related personal information. Additional privacy consent and notices may also apply to credit customers and guarantors.


1.6 How does Unbounded Store Personal Information

Boundless stores personal information on its own premises with the assistance of its service providers. We maintain strict procedures and standards and adopt a range of measures to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of personal information and to protect personal information from misuse or loss. Once Boundless no longer needs personal information, it will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify the information.


1.7 Access and update personal information

In most cases, individuals can access or update personal information held by Boundless. To access or update personal information held by Boundless, please contact Boundless in writing. Boundless may need to verify your identity. Boundless may charge a fee to cover the cost of retrieving and copying the requested information.


1.8 Complaints and further information

For more information on how Unbounded manages personal information, please consult your Privacy Officer (see contact details below). Individuals who believe that Boundless has violated their privacy obligations or personal privacy rights in any way may file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner (see contact details below). Boundless will endeavor to take prompt action in response to complaints.


1.9 Contact Information

Please contact us by post, fax or email for privacy enquiries:

Privacy officer

Boundless (Shenzhen) Import and Export Trading Co., LTD

2510 Jinji Jixiang Plaza, No. 31 Qinglin Road, Ziwei Community, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

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